Working with Women

I am BEYOND excited to announce that beginning in 2023 I will be offering regular Women's Circles all around the West Lafayette area.  Stay tuned!  I will also be offering a Women's Retreat in January and February 2023 where we come together and spread our JOY and laughter and open our hearts to each other!  We will share food, gather in circle, practice Yoga and Reiki, and most of all, have time to reflect during the cold

winter months.  I look forward to gathering with you soon!

Women Holding Hands
Women Holding Hands


My mission in working with women's circles is to offer a place where women can feel freedom to come together and share their hearts in a safe space. 

It's time for healing our beautiful planet- and that healing begins with US!


Healing begins with each of us- individually.  When we can lean on others in a safe space for the support we need, we can begin help others. 

My vision is to begin offering women's circles around West Lafayette, IN as well as offering retreats during the winter months when we often feel alone.

If you are interested in joining our women's circle, feel free to reach out at