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My Background

Reiki Healing

After graduating from Ball State, I became a Peace Corps volunteer.  When I returned to the US, I completed  Yoga Teacher training at the Kripalu in Lenox, Massachusettes- where I lived for a month.  Since 2002, I've been teaching Yoga and studying Yogic practices from a variety of disciplines.  In 2017, I completed massage school and in 2019 I became a Reiki Master (teacher).  I currently work at 320 Wellness downtown Lafayette, IN.

I consider myself to be a life long student who's always eager to learn something new.

I am also married with 2 beautiful children.  Our family loves to be in nature, hike and travel.  

My Approach

My approach to healing is holistic.  When working with clients, I spend time assessing their needs and goals to determine what type of service (massage therapy, Reiki, or a combination of both) that would be best.  For example, if a client has anxiety, a YoReiMa session would be wonderful for them.  The session would combine massage therapy, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation),  Pranayama (yogic breathing), and Reiki, to treat the body, mind and Spirit in one session.  The length of each session would depend on the client's specific needs and goals.  

Healing Stones
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