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"YoReiMa is amazingly comforting.  I recently had a session with Kim and felt lighter after the appointment.  I was beginning to feel tired from daily stresses and busier with work, so my YoReiMa session came at the perfect time.  Kim started out with a short conversation about my goals for the session.  This part ranges from body and muscle aches to emotional and energetic blockages.  We went over my goals for the session, and then straight into the massage- which was fantastic!  Once my muscles were relaxed, Kim walked me through some breathing techniques and guided imagry.  By the time Kim began using Reiki, I was nearly asleep because I was so relaxed!   At the end of the session, I honestly felt like I was surrounded by sunlight- warm, happy and rejuvinated.  If you're exhausted, stressed, overworked, anxious, or just want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, then I highly suggest you book a personal YoReiMa session with Kim ASAP!"


-Kathy Salomon 

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